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Advantages of ARCNET

ARCNET is a bus system enabling powerful and reasonable priced fieldbus solutions. ARCNET plays out its strengths in linking intelligent units as e.g. the PLCs to surveillance installations. It ensures short and predictable response times even when handling larger data volumes due to bus allocation by means of Token Passing. Last but not least its simple user interfaces allows for straightforward and cheap implementations making ARCNET the bus of choice for various applications.

Advantages of ARCNET:

  • Deterministic - through Token Passing
  • Double checked - by hash sums and handshaking
  • Cheap - the protocol being implemented in one chip
  • Easily programmable - via a user interface
  • Variable network architectures - bus, tree and star topologies as well as mixed forms are possible
  • Various transmission media - coaxial, twisted pair and fiber transmission paths can be interconnected
  • Large net extension - allowed for even with standard baud rates
  • Automatic joining and leaving - of nodes without user interference
  • Variable package sizes - ranging from 1 to 507 payload bytes
  • Variable data rates - from 30 bps to 10 Mbps
  • Master master access
  • High efficiency