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Advantages for Members

AUG members profit from these activities:

  • Free advertising efforts by the association (e.g. Entries in ARCNET Product Guide, articles in specialized press, AUG NEWS, AUG website etc.)
  • Special terms on marketing actions (e.g. ARCNET CD, joint booths at exhibitions, common advertisements etc.).
    Such common activities allow the participating members to share costs.
  • Free mailing of ARCNET and AUG info material to interested companies and persions by AUG
  • Free fowarding of contact data of sales prospects to members by AUG
  • Free relaying of interested companies and persons to appropriate members
  • Increase of common knowledge on ARCNET by information of the public on technology, usage and development of ARCNET by participation in meetings, workshops and lectures.
  • Consultation of providers, engineers, system houses, users, R&D institutions and other organizations occupying themselves with ARCNET in any form
  • Promotion of information exchange on ARCNET